Workshop Reviews

Here are a selection of reviews from some of our very satisfied customers who have taken part in one of our workshops.

  • From Lisa Martin on Workshop Saturday 16th May- 2pm

    The workshop was fab! Relaxed, friendly atmosphere and very insightful. Thank you Claire & Tracie 🙂

    2020/05/18 at 9:11 pm
  • From Paul Campion on Workshop Saturday 16th May- 2pm

    Very informative and enlightening advice from Claire and Tracie. And great fun too!

    2020/05/18 at 8:05 pm
  • From Anonymous on Workshop Saturday 16th May- 2pm

    Lots of interesting info on the process of commercial casting, and the ways that castings would normally take place. Would certainly recommend to a friend or colleague.

    2020/05/18 at 7:39 pm
  • From Michelle Huirama on Workshop Saturday 16th May- 2pm

    This was such an amazing opportunity. Claire and Tracie were so generous with their time, knowledge and insights. Not only did we receive such fantastic advice but to also be able to workshop live casting scripts with feedback was invaluable. Totally brilliant, a must do workshop.

    2020/05/18 at 4:04 pm
  • From Darren Travers on Workshop Saturday 16th May- 2pm

    Thank you Tracie and Claire for a wonderful workshop. The two of you are so professional, helpful, informative, encouraging and brilliant to work with. You gave us actors loads of information regarding the whole casting process and industry in general. The Q and A session was also great and the opportunity to act for you with a Commercial Casting Script was brilliant. I really appreciated your very kind feedback regarding my mock audition. Thank you for all your help. It was brilliant and I would recommend it to all actors. All the best, Darren Travers.

    2020/05/18 at 2:59 pm
  • From Vitalis M. on Workshop Thursday 14 May- 2pm

    Brilliant workshop, covered a lot of details on how to present yourself as an actor for commercial work! Great value and fantastic hosts, pleasure to work with.

    2020/05/18 at 1:31 pm
  • From Alexandra Metaxa on Workshop Saturday 16th May- 2pm

    Great insight into the commercial casting industry. Learned things I had no idea about, in spite of ten years in the business!

    2020/05/18 at 1:22 pm
  • From Diane Lukins on Workshop Saturday 16th May- 2pm

    Great workshop. Very generous with their time. Good information for actors if they are new to the industry. I would have preferred more of the time allocated to individual actor’s audition pieces and feedback. Great to have the opportunity to keep honing my craft in these difficult times.

    2020/05/18 at 1:11 pm
  • From Amber Thomason on Workshop Thursday 14 May- 2pm

    Claire and Tracie were fabulous! Such an enjoyable and informative workshop. I learnt lots and I would highly recommend their workshops! Thank you Crocodile Casting.

    2020/05/18 at 12:21 pm
  • From Paul Willcocks on Workshop Saturday 16th May- 2pm

    Hi I really appreciated the workshop on Sat and found it very informative and useful. The feedback for my script reading was very useful and the two comments given I can take forward and work on.
    I think the only thing I found difficult was the lengthy time we had listening to the advice for actors re: casting. The advice was brilliant and totally relevant, it’s just that I wish we could have had more time to work on the script itself and a bit more time for each individual. Ideally maybe 1 hour of advice and 1 hour – 1 hour 30 mins of working on script? Otherwise brilliant and I really appreciated the time you put into it to make it worthwhile
    Thanks Paul

    2020/05/18 at 10:36 am
  • From Marion Barker on Workshop Saturday 16th May- 2pm

    Claire and Tracie are very welcoming and encouraging and gave an excellent workshop. Very helpful with lots of advice about the industry and useful feedback for our mock auditions. Thank you very much.

    2020/05/18 at 9:46 am
  • From Susannah May on Workshop Saturday 16th May- 2pm

    It was great meeting Tracie and Claire on Saturday for their Commercial Casting workshop. The session was fun, relaxed & extremely informative. These lovely ladies are so friendly and I can honestly say they have helped me hugely with ‘casting nerves’ which so many of us experience. They truly want actors to do well and their direction is clear and concise and I hope to have the opportunity to meet them in person at a future casting. Do check out Crocodile Casting future workshops as there is so much to gain from their wealth of knowledge in this industry. Thanks so much!!

    Susannah May

    2020/05/18 at 8:57 am
  • From Anonymous on Workshop Thursday 14 May- 2pm

    Hi!!!! I thought it was a great virtual class. Loved the indent idea for Spotlight.Really gave a 101 on commercial business and its a great taster course. TBH, I just wanted to work more. I’d be willing to pay maybe 45£ to be in a small of no more than 6 actors with a 3/4 hour class and do more from your feedback and direction.Like 2 or 3 commercial scripts? Maybe you can offer this in the future. 😉 Loved that you are both so down to earth, I’m newish to the UK market and listening to you both, alone broke so many UK CD myths for me and was truly grateful for the opportunity and I’ve recommended this to everyone I know in the UK and US.

    2020/05/18 at 7:26 am
  • From Lena Richardson on Workshop Thursday 14 May- 2pm

    Thoroughly enjoyed this session. Tracie and Claire were so generous with their time ( a good 30 minutes over) and their information. So much to take on board plus printed information. Great to get their feedback on our own version of the commercial selected plus hear other feedback too.

    2020/05/17 at 9:16 pm
  • From Sophie Catherine Chinner on Workshop Saturday 16th May- 2pm

    2020/05/17 at 9:11 pm

and a handful of the first reviews

“After the casting workshop with you a couple weeks ago I felt so much more comfortable with the commercial casting process.  I sent in a self-tape to an audition on Tuesday and just got awarded and signed my first work contract!

Thank you so much for your guidance and help.  It really made the whole process seem less daunting and I’m sure it’s why I got cast!” ALEX MAGLIARO

“Thank you, Claire and Tracie for such an insightful workshop this afternoon. It really did shine light on how castings work, and I now feel confident and excited to get called in for commercials. Your passion for casting and actors is really infectious and you made my first two hour zoom very engaging. “TANYA BRIDGEMAN

“I wanted to thank you for your workshop last week on Zoom. I think it was a brilliant and very affordable way for actors to connect with each other and learn during this difficult time, and a difficult time for the arts in particular. I think your approach is so genuine and friendly, and in an industry where there’s a lot of ingenuity – that counts for a lot. “EMILY FLORENCE HUTCHINGS.

“Just wanted to reach out and thank you for today’s workshop session. I was really inspired to listen to your efforts and work in casting and having the potential to connect & learn is so wonderful, at this time.  JACKIE PULFORD

Wow, what an insightful afternoon. I loved the format of the session, and you were both so refreshingly straight talking. It’s the first time I’ve experienced the feeling that casting directors are actually working with me as an actor. I generally feel like the director/producers/clients/casting directors are all lumped together as the “other side” But I’ve got a very different perspective now. Really informative and inspiring, with a great entrepreneurial story too. Thank you! SOPHIE D JONES

Thank you so much for the workshop – it was well worth the investment! Thank you so much for the fantastic workshop! I’ve learned so much.”NEHA ORAI

 “A quick note to say thank you to you both for your workshop today. It was practical, hands-on and also fun – You both have such an authentic quality to you which is rare in this industry. I really enjoyed listening and got a lot out of this workshop.”CLAUDIA BARBA

 “Thank you SO much for the amazing casting workshop you just gave. It was insightful, informative and refreshingly friendly.

I really appreciate you taking the time out to deliver these sessions and feel privileged that I got a chance to be part of one.”SARAH THOMAS LANE

 “I want to thank you both for the wonderful session and for sharing some great wisdom and advice about the industry. It was fabulous to meet and speak with you both!  It was a great way to connect with other industry professionals during this challenging moment of pause and feel somewhat back in the magic of it all.”DELANEY CONWAY

“Thank you so much for the fantastic workshop! I’ve learned so much. “DANIEL GRICE